Madalynn’s ABS Story

Madalynn’s Birth:

Madalynn was born on May 13th, 2002 with Amniotic Band Syndrome affecting her hands. I had a very hard pregnancy and I was so afraid when I went into labor 2 months early. When Madalynn was born I wasn’t even able to hold her. They simply said, “there is something wrong with her hands we need to take her to the N.I.C.U.” I wasn’t even sure if she was breathing ok or anything – they just took my little angel away! Little Madalynn was only 3 lbs 6 oz at birth but full of fire.

Madalynn’s Hands:

  • She has banding and webbing on both hands
  • On her left hand her ring and middle fingers are webbed and cut at the first knuckle.
  • Her right hand is missing four fingers and she has a small thumb – there are very small bones in her right hand, under the first knuckle, so her hand looks like a mitten.

We are looking into Shriners Hospital, but for now she has not had any operations. Madalynn is a very happy and beautiful baby. She brings such joy and happiness to our family.

Thank you for reading Madalynn’s story and if anyone would like to e-mail me feel free. God bless.

Melissa Martin