Madison’s ABS Story

When I was 5 months along I went in for my sonogram and my Dr. seemed to take longer than usual to start talking with me and my husband about our baby, finally he said that everything looked good except that he couldn’t follow the baby’s right arm no further than just below the elbow, he couldn’t see a hand at all. He told us that it was a girl and that he wanted me to go to a specialist to see if he agreed with him. This freaked me out, We had all the other children with us, I tried so hard not to show any tears or fear. But when we reached the car I cried on my husband’s shoulder, he said that she was probably just hiding her little hand and we giggled. This was going to be my 5th child and I had nothing like this ever happen with my other babies.

We went to the specialist and he found the something, he said that it could be ABS (this was the first time that I had heard of it) He couldn’t see any other problems with her, but we would just have to wait and see when she was born. When I got home I went on the Internet and found many websites, but this website was the best I found a little girl’s picture on this website that I thought that our little girl might resemble( Berkley) and I showed it to my oldest two children, my son saw the picture and said “Oh, our baby is going to be brown” he didn’t even notice the arm, I thought that was so cute.

I cried for a week, and then decided that I could not change what God had decided for our little girl and started to pray that she would be born healthy even though she wouldn’t have a right forearm or hand. On Oct. 31, 2007 I went into labor, we went to the hospital at about midnight and Madison was born on Nov. 1, 2007 at 3 a.m. When I first saw her being held in my Dr.’s arms I thought she was beautiful and that her little arm didn’t look that bad. they checked her over and she was perfectly healthy.

Madison is 8 months old now and she is a Wonderful baby, she is amazing! She holds her bottle, picks up toys and she is almost crawling. I thank God every day for her. Thank you! I don’t think I would have been alright if I wouldn’t have had your website, the information was a big help.