My miracle child

Last year in 2013 August, I gave birth to the most beautiful child ever, my son. When the doctors took him and he was being cleaned, I saw two nurses chatting. their faces were serious, but because I was still being stitched I could not tell what was going on. To my surprise later when my husband asked me about my son’s toes…..Doctor came later to tell me that my son had no toes on his right foot. I cried not knowing how to deal with this.

I thank God now I know about ABS, not only it was discovered after a month that my son is also a DS child, not that there is something Down about him. He was also diagnosed with laryngomalacia that he needed to be trimmed(his air waves) at two months. My son is now 7 and a half months and he is busy as an ant. He stands on his feet and makes sure that he balances with his right one too :-). I am grateful God chose me to be a guardian of such a wonderful soul. Black people in my country when they see kids with abs and other deformities they associate that with witchcraft but I know better, that my son is a beautiful gift ever.

thank you for this, it makes people like me know that I am not alone.

Sending love from South Africa.


2 thoughts on “My miracle child

  1. Hi Mommys

    Its so encouraging to see such posts,iam a mother of a beautiful little lady whose almost 2,she born with congenital abs on her lower right leg,she was born at 26 weeks & literally fought for her life from the get go.I can relate to Viginia that having a child with disability in the black community is such a challenge,but i have taken it upon my stride to educate anyone i come across about ABS.I would like to create an environment for my daughter to know & feel that there is nothing wrong with her & she can do anything she puts her mind 2.

    All the best to us mommys & may we be the heroes our kids needs to have a fair & beautiful childhood as any other child.

    I am based in Gauteng,South Africa

    Kind Regards

  2. You have a beautiful son and a gift from God. Never put any limitations on him and he will amaze you! My son was born in 2001 with ABS. I never knew what it was but a nurse at his birth Hosp, told me to contact Shriners Hospital and he has has surgery on both his right hand and his left ankle to help with his growth. I wish you and your son a life of many blessings.

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