Mommys little jo jo

Smiling girl - amniotic band syndrome affecting her hand and feet

Her name is Samantha but to me she’s mommy’s little jo jo.  She is now 6 yrs old wow how time flies by! She was born with amniotic band syndrome affecting her hand and feet.

When she was born I didn’t know how to feel or what to say to anyone when they would ask questions. She is a very bright girl and loves life to the fullest.

I wish I’d known there where more people like her long before now!

She is now coming home from school upset and saying kids are calling her hand ugly and weird.  I just wished I knew how to make the hurt go away for her.

2 thoughts on “Mommys little jo jo

  1. I’m 19 now and the same thing happened to me so I started to ask my mother to go into the class room and ask the teacher to tell everyone not to make fun of me it worked for me and soon people stop noticing so I stop having my mom come to my class rooms I stop in like 4th grade

  2. As someone who has this syndrome, the best advise i could give someone who is getting bullied is to see the bright side and to not listen to thoughs who choose to pick on someone. I am 15 and have a wonderful life and have learnt to see past the fact i do not have a properly formed hand. Stay strong

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