Mr. Right Hand


Hello my name is Crystal and I am the mother to two healthy baby boys, 8 year old Naziir and 8 month old Ahmiir born on July 12, 2016. Both of my pregnancies were very normal both boys were delivered by C-section. I was healthy and active before my kids were born. While pregnant with Ahmiir, all of my scans were normal no problem with the baby was detected so it was a total surprise to all of us, including the doctor, when this little guy came out missing his left hand.

For the first month I was extremely anxious and depressed. I did research trying to discover the cause. Asking questions like what did I do? was I too active? should I have taken off from work earlier?  Then I had to snap out of it and realized that this little guy is perfect as he is, I hope others will see that too.

I’m worry for him because kids can be cruel and as he grows older I know he’s going to need support. Hopefully he will come here and find comfort in knowing that their are other kids out there who was born different just like him. I’m so glad we found this website.

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  1. My son name is JELANI MEANS STRONG I FOUND AT 5MTHS PREGNANT N HAD a the same questions n felt the same but hes very smart advance i love my little guy just as he is

  2. I am 73 years old. I was born with only 2 fingers on my right hand and 4 toes on right foot. My right leg was about 2 inches shorter than left one. The hand has never been a problem–yes it looks different and some kids did make fun of me when in grade school. However it is what makes me unique and really cause no problems. I would not want to change it. My short leg has caused many back issue problems and the built up shoe still seem like a sign saying I am not normal. Friends dont care and don’t appear to notice but due to the slight limp and BIG sole and heel I am uncomfortable.

  3. Absolutely beautiful God made him perfectly imperfect… That right hand may be sworn in as president one day …❤✨

  4. Kids are very cruel but he will find that best friend that will him. But he will get though it. I had a best friend and my sister that was there for me. Just let him know you love him. I wish y’all the best

  5. What a great story to share. He is truly a blessing and blessed to have such a supportive Mom in you. Love you CB!

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