My son Kyren


This is my baby Kyren, he was born without his left hand. When I went in for my 20 week ultrasound I was told there was something wrong with him. I went to several different doctors and had multiple tests and ultrasounds done, after all those I was told his left arm didn’t develop all the way and he would be born without his hand. I was so worried and scared.

Once he was born, the moment I laid my eyes on him I saw no imperfections whatsoever he is perfect.

He is now 10 months old and crawling, pulling himself up on things, and growing like a little weed! He is such a little blessing to our lives and I know he will do great in life!!

3 thoughts on “My son Kyren

  1. I have a friend with this same condition and she is the most able-bodied and productive person I know. She does so much for her family and never lets anything stop her. She has a great husband and four awesome children. She never let it stop her from doing anything she wanted to do in life. It probably made her more determined.

  2. He is precious indeed….. My son used his nub as a pacifier when he was little. Kind of humorous actually – one lady thought he had his whole hand in his mouth. I’m mean REALLY? He pulled it out about the time she said something and she just ducked and ran aware embarrassed. You’ll meet all kinds.

    1. hi I am a 49 year old lady who was born with no left hand and only 3 digits on my right hand and deformaties of my toes. I just wanted to let you know that I am married to a wonderful man and have 2 beautiful children. I can type and I passed my driving test 1st time. I have worked full time for nearly 30 years and although I need special equipment I am good at my job and have alot of good friends at work and outside. things have changed a lot since I was a child as their is mire. acceptance of disabled peopke but he will still face some prejudices. however if he knows from you that he is unique and. wonderful he will grow up to know he can do most things and nobody is better than him just different to him. all he needs to get on us your love and reassurance. good luck x

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