My son Maleek

My son was born August 22, 2011 with ABS. I was diagnose with the condition at 4 months. He is missing his fingers and left foot also on his right foot his big toe is missing and the rest of his toes is deformed.

My son is 8 years old now. He asks me now why is he missing his left foot and I have both of mine. I try my best to explain to him, but I also start to cry and ask why did this happen to him. I still hurt for my son and constantly think about how my son going to make it. The only love he have is from me and his stepfather, because his real father is ashamed of his condition.

My son recently had surgery on his hands twice to give him digits, so he can have fingers. I told his biological father twice, but he had no concern about it. My son could’ve died and he didn’t care. Also my so called family was not there and they are ashamed of my son too, but have a nerve to say they love him. Really! They don’t know what love is! My son is my pride and joy and I love him so much. My story is longer than this and it’s more. They also tried to tell to get an abortion at 6 months. I had this evil white female doctor told me to get an abortion, because he’ll be made fun of or picked on. I told her even with ones who have all their limbs still get made fun of or picked on. That’s all for now. The rest, I’ll continue later.

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  1. My granddaughter, Sheila was born without 9 of her toes. We were devastated but filled with such love for her. She is 5 and just started kindergarten and we pray every day that she will be strong enough when kids start picking on her because of her deformity. She has never asked why her feet are different. When she does she will be told that that is how God made her and that she is very special. Th funny thing is that my daughter had at least 20 sonograms and the Dr. Never picked up on it. Weird! Anyway, ignore your ignorant relatives and just love your boy. My daughter would love to beat up anyone who makes fun of her daughter but she won’t. LOL Just stay strong and trust in God and let your son know how special he is every day.

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