Natalie’s ABS Story

My name is Lorena, Jaramillo, my husband and I have a beautiful 8 month old girl. Her name is Natalie she was born Feb 13, 2008. My whole pregnancy went very well all my ultrasounds and doctor visits went fine although I was very stressed out during my pregnancy because my husband is in the military and he was away for most of the pregnancy it was very hard for both of us to be away from each other.

We were waiting and counting the days for Natalie to be with us, she is our first baby. The day finally arrived and my husband was able to be present during the labor which was a great relief for me to be together during that day. Natalie was born at 1:28 am and that was the most beautiful moment in our lives but that’s when we noticed that something was wrong with our little angel. As soon as the doctor placed her in my chest I noticed that something had happened I started crying not knowing what had happen the doctor took her and was examining her both my husband and I were really scared and all we did was hug each other and prayed to God to keep our little angel safe.

We were told that they didn’t know why her left hand had four fused fingers including her thumb only her pinky is free and on her right hand her thumb and pinky were free and the three other were fused together but when she was 1 month old her ring finger detached on its own. Both of her feet only have 2 toes and the rest are fused together. She was also born with club feet for which she started the treatment when she was 2 weeks old, she was on cast for 3 weeks and the doctor was very happy with the results and started her on the shoes with the bar on the middle she was suppose to wear them for 8 months full time but she only wore them for 3 months full time and went down to 16 hours a day and then only nap times and night time finally the doctor told me to just use them during the night and when she was 7 months old she able to grab on to things and stand up by herself and cruise around. She also had her first surgery at 7 months old releasing her thumb from her left hand the surgery was great she amazed me, she came out of surgery woke up from the anesthesia and acted like nothing had happen to her she woke up with a big beautiful smile that made my day I was very sad to see my little baby go into surgery but she showed me to be a really strong and brave little girl. The doctor discharge us an 1 hour after the surgery because she was fine she was eating laughing and jumping up and down.

I thank God everyday for giving me a beautiful little girl that is perfect and every way she uses her hands just like any other baby at 8 months shes giving steps by herself already and i know that she is going to be very brave little girl and the love that everyone gives her makes me so happy to know that she is loved by everyone.

This is our story thank you so much for putting your story on this website it has helped me so much through all this. I found all the answers to my questions and noticed that we are not by ourselves thank you so much and God bless Evan!!!