Nickolas’s ABS Story

My son Nickolas was born May 31, 2002 with abs affecting his right hand. When I was 4 months pregnant I had my routine ultrasound and they told me we were having a boy but the technician kept looking at the ultrasound. I didn’t think much of it as they told me everything was fine but I would have to go back for another ultrasound the following week as the baby was sleeping on his hand and they needed a closer look. After my 2nd ultrasound my doctor’s office called me at work and told me they needed to see me right away as in the ultrasound they could not see one of my baby’s hands or feet. The secretary then said we found his foot but not his hand. I immediately went to see my doctor who said he thought it was amniotic band syndrome but would send me to have another ultrasound to be sure. The doctor’s in Ottawa then confirmed that he would be missing his right hand.

For months of my pregnancy I was in denial and still believed he would have all his fingers and toes when he was born. The day came May 31st, I had a caesarean section and there were many nurses and doctors present as they did not know what to expect themselves. As the doctor brought him to us I remember clearly my husband looking at me and saying “honey, his hand isn’t there but it’s fine, he’s beautiful” I have to admit I cried and was scared not knowing what to expect but as soon as I held him I wasn’t worried about all that anymore.

It was tough in the beginning with people staring and asking about his hand and myself worrying how he would be able to do certain things. But after I saw that he was doing everything other babies do like holding his soother and his bottle with his right hand and crawling etc…then I wanted to talk about it and I wanted everyone to know he was fine. He was better than fine, my boy is so special and I was so very proud of him. He may be missing a limb but he is beautiful and happy and that’s all that mattered.

Nick is now 7 years old and there is not too much that he has struggled with. We are still trying to figure out tying his shoes but for now he shoes with Velcro. Nick loves riding his bike (took his training wheels off the first week!!!), swimming, playing basketball, soccer and video games. We have not looked at Nick as having a disability as he as shown us he is able to do everything other little boys can do if not sometimes faster. He rarely asks for help as he always wants to try things for himself first and he succeeds every time. He is a very happy child who is always cracking jokes and trying to make people laugh. He has brought so much joy to our family.

Nickolas was our 2nd child and my 1st was not born with abs. The doctor states that there was 1 in 1000 chance that this could ever happen and that should I plan on having more children they will not be affected by abs. Now as Nickolas is getting older he is looking to meet other children born with abs. We live in Ontario and would love to meet another family if possible. Please feel free to contact me.