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Preston’s ABS Story

Preston’s Birth:

Our beautiful baby boy, Preston, was born on April 21, 2002, 3 weeks early. I had an ultrasound at 4 months and the technician didn’t notice anything wrong. When Preston was born, they whisked him away so fast I just got a glimpse of him and thought I saw something wrong with one of his hands. I told my husband to go look at him because I thought there was something wrong with one of his hands. Then I found out something was wrong with both of them.

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Rebekah’s ABS Story

Rebekah was born on February 19, 1993 at Valley View Hospital in Ada Ok. My pregnancy was difficult but the labor and delivery was worse than I could have imagined but, finally, there she was! The doctor was holding her but apologizing to me. I thought she was dead. After what seemed like an eternity, he finally told me that she was born with a deformity of her left hand. Slightly understated. Rebekah was born with her left hand and forearm missing due to amniotic band syndrome.

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Rhianna’s ABS Story

I knew that having my daughter was not only going to change my life, but that she was heaven sent. This is a complete understatement. Here is my story…

During that time in my life I was involved in a very tumultuous relationship. I was shocked to find out I was pregnant as I was told I would never be able to conceive. I did on Valentines Day that year. The day after I found out I was pregnant I started bleeding.

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John’s ABS Story

When I was 5 months pregnant, my water broke and I was ordered to have bed-rest. I stayed in the hospital and finally gave birth to Johnnie. He was three months premature, weighing 2.2 pounds and he was affected by amniotic band syndrome (ABS). His right leg was missing the tibia and had an S shaped fibula. His left leg had many bands around the leg and foot. The right leg was broken and it was a clubbed foot. It was l976 and I tried to find any kind of support group to get some help in dealing with Johnnie’s deformities.

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Riley’s ABS Story


I did not have an easy pregnancy. I was sick all the time, was extremely tired and only gained 8 pounds though out the pregnancy. I remember telling her dad it really hurts when she kicks which was unlike my first pregnancy where everything was fine, I remember praying lord please let her stop kicking because I feel like she is bruising my organs . I knew that something was wrong about the 24 week when I had only gained 4 pounds and was still wearing my regular cloths.

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Shelbie’s ABS Story

Shelbie was born on July 31, 2003 with bilateral clubfeet and amniotic band syndrome. I had had a pretty stressful pregnancy.

My triple-screens numbers were in the range where it looked like she was going to have down-syndrome. I opted not to have an amniocenteses as there is high rate of miscarriage. We were thrilled to find out we were having a girl as we already had a 3 year old son, Sean. Sean was late to deliver and I had stress tests and quite a few ultrasounds with him.

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Stefan’s ABS story

My name is Cathy Terblanche and this is my son, Stefan’s story. When my daughter, Danielle was 5 years old, my husband and I decided it was time for a second baby. I fell pregnant immediately. We were both delighted! My pregnancy was very different from the first pregnancy. He was a very quiet baby – obviously enjoying his sleep before coming out into this big world! I went for my regular monthly checks and each time a scan was done. I suffered terribly from morning sickness from day one to the very day he was born.

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Stevie’s ABS Story

Stevie was born on September 3rd, 2005 with ABS. While Stevie was in my tummy, The Amniotic Bands wrapped around my son’s left arm from below his elbow down. My husband and I did not know until the day he was born. I will never the shock, when they laid my little boy on top of me, I can not explain all the feelings that rushed through me or what I felt for my little boy when I looked down and saw his arm.

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Thomas’ Success Story

Thomas was born at 32 1/2 weeks on October 19, 2002 (Due 12-09-02) 3 lbs 15 1/2 oz ; 16 1/2 inches long. Thomas is a healthy boy today because of modern medicine. If he was conceived only a few years ago he would not have survived.

He was an identical triplet, but his brothers were conjoined twins. The twins had no chance of survival, but were threatening the third baby’s life. As a result we made the tough decision to have surgery in San Fransisco that would stop the sharing of blood through Twin Twin Transfusion and save Thomas.

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Tyler’s ABS Story

Tyler was born on February 2nd, 2002 after a very complicated pregnancy. I had developed pre-eclampsia and was put on bed-rest a month before I was induced. I had tons of ultrasounds. Two a week-including a 3-D ultrasound. None of them indicated any problems with the baby. I prayed my whole pregnancy that my little boy would be born healthy and perfect….you know the saying 10 fingers and 10 toes.

When I found out I was pregnant I was a newly-wed and only 19 years old.

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