Phoenix’s Story

Our story starts back in August 2017, I was about 20 weeks pregnant and we were at an Ultrasound appointment for my son’s gender. At this appointment, they told me the wrong diagnosis. They had told me my son had no brain and to terminate my pregnancy. Instead, we went to a specialist and they told me that he had ABS.

Phoenix had a band wrapped around his skull so I didn’t fully develop, he also had amniotic bands wrapped around his fingers and toe. We were told it was the most extreme case of ABS you can have and that he would not live to be born. I carried my son Phoenix Warrior Lee Robinson until I was 31 weeks with him. My beautiful baby boy was born alive November 5, 2018, and lived for 35 minutes.

Thank you for reading our story.

2 thoughts on “Phoenix’s Story

  1. May Phoenix live in your hearts until you are together again. May God grant your precious son Eternal Life in Heaven.

    Peace be with you, now and always.

    Mary Jo

  2. So devastating to go through something like that. Thank you for sharing your story ♡

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