Rebekah’s ABS Story

Rebekah was born on February 19, 1993 at Valley View Hospital in Ada Ok. My pregnancy was difficult but the labor and delivery was worse than I could have imagined but, finally, there she was! The doctor was holding her but apologizing to me. I thought she was dead. After what seemed like an eternity, he finally told me that she was born with a deformity of her left hand. Slightly understated. Rebekah was born with her left hand and forearm missing due to amniotic band syndrome. None of the several ultrasounds had picked up on the problem because we had not been looking for it.

Rebekah is now a perfectly healthy, happy and well adjusted nine year old. She does not wear a prosthetic, but is sponsored by the Shriners should she ever want one. Up to this point, she is capable of everything her peers are and has proved that her supposed “handicap” makes some things more difficult, but will certainly not hold her back.