Saving Fallon’s foot

On May 23, 2015 our sixth child, Fallon, was born extremely premature. She graced us with her presence at only 25 weeks gestation. Her birth was a traumatic one requiring an emergency c section under general anesthesia. They had her delivered in only a minute. Upon inspection of the newborn it was discovered that there was a large lactation on her foot. It was originally believed she was cut during the crash surgery.

The degree and type of cut lead to the diagnosis of amniotic band syndrome. The band had wrapped around the entire middle of her right foot. Thankfully because of her extremely premature birth her foot was saved. They believe if she would have gone much longer in utero she would have lost half of her foot. Even great miracles come from such horrific situations. Other than some scarring and a unique footprint Fallon has full use of her foot.