Sergio’s ABS story

My son Sergio  was born 06/20/2000 with ABS syndrome.  At the time that he was born I had never heard of this  condition.

Sergio was born with all his fingers but 3  fingers where webbed and short on his right hand and on his left hand his middle and index finger webbed together he also had a clubfoot and toes on his feet are little nubs.  He had 3 constructive surgeries from 9 months to 1 1/2 years of age.

I remember the nurse in the nursery telling me when I was leaving with my newborn baby “don’t ever let any one tell him he can’t do anything”.  I  always worried about how he would be when he grew up. The Dr. told me he may never be able to go to the army but he will be okay.

As he has grown nothing was stopping him. He was able to do anything any other kid would be able to do. I know that he would get made fun of at times in school but I always have been there to make him understand that this is not his fault.  I see that he is not ashamed. I never see that he hides his hands.

Sergio plays the bass, the guitar, the piano and loves to skate. I believe that my son has a gift and I am very proud of him.