Elijah needs a family

He was born without feet and missing some digits on his hands. Elijah is growing up in a baby house with other younger children with a variety of special needs. If Elijah were born in a loving family he would thrive and grow up to live a full life, never seeing what makes him special as a disability or a limitation. His caretakers at the orphanage take good care of his needs but nothing compared to what he could receive in a family. When he turns three years old he will be moved to an orphanage with older children where his care will be less reliable. Please help us find Elijah’s family!

Prospective Adoptive Parents can see his photo and a video of him on http://www.rainbowkids.com/, under the name “Elijah”. Please contact me Yadira Clapper, or call our office at 360-383-0623 for more information about this little boy and the country he is in.

More inform about Children’s House International:

Children’s House International is a COA Hague Accredited International Adoption agency and are licensed in the states of Washington, Utah, Florida, Massachusetts, Texas and Louisiana. In 40 years we have helped to bring home about 2,000 kids! You can check out our website and find out about our other services, and our other waiting children — http://childrenshouseinternational.com/

P.S. For National Adoption Month, CHI is giving all new families in the month of November a $500 grant towards their fees! So contact us today to begin your adoption journey!

9 thoughts on “Elijah needs a family

    1. Thanks Paula for checking in! I contacted Yadira and here is the reply. “Elijah has a Momma! His family is currently in process for his adoption. We hope to help them bring sweet Elijah home soon!”

      1. That is awesome! I’m glad he has a loving home now.

  1. ELIJAH has touched my heart. I have ABS as well and I know how he feels to feel different. I have 4 kids of my own already and none of them have ABS . What would I have to do to adopt Elijah.

    1. I would like to know the process of adoption. I’m interested

  2. Are there classes you have to take, to adopt children. I have always had an interest to do so. What steps do I take?

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