Urijah’s Little Hand

I gave birth to my son Urijah on November 16, 2012. We had no idea that he was going to be born with ABS. We never even heard of it before this day.  Urijah is missing all four fingers on his left hand. He has just little numbs where his fingers should be.

When I found out I had no idea how to feel. I felt as if I had done something wrong during my pregnancy.  I wasn’t sure how difficult his life would be with just 6 fingers.

But today he is almost one year old and his little hand is just as strong as his big hand. He picks up a lot of things with his little hand. He even helped me color a picture with his left hand, this made me so happy to know he will be able to almost everything anyone else can.

3 thoughts on “Urijah’s Little Hand

  1. Hi , I have a granddaughter that is six years old that was born with ABS, she was born with only four fully grown fingers , and her toes are mostly missing, she has gone through multiple surgery’s and casts to help her walk because she walks tippy toed and they had to try to stretch the tendons. she is a beautiful, smart little girl, but lately she is not herself, she is tired all the time , very pale and now she has lost 5 lbs. I am wondering if anyone has had any side effects like this and had any suggestions as what to look for, her blood work came back normal but I just know that something is not right. seems like her whole personality has changed.

    Desperate Grandma

  2. Thanks for sharing your story..My son was born with ABS as well, he has no fingers on he’s right hand.
    I didn’t know how to feel at the beginning, but now I think it just makes my son more special.I’m glad to hear that the ABS doesn’t hold your son back, that makes me hopeful.. I like to think of my self as a positivie person, but ABS has tested that. I strength in my family and in god, and at the end of the day my son is a happy, healthy, handsome little boy and ABS will not stop him.

  3. My granddaughter born two weeks ago has no right wrist or right hand also missing two inches below elbow. We knew About this 4 months Ago but the couple decided to go HeAd . She is such a pudding a nugget. Little cat dArling … Have strAted consulting prosthetics doctors forcosmeti. Limb at Age 3 to be replaced every two years Abd if needed she will be given semi movement hand which can grip lightly . Also saw Be bionic 3 hand which is robotic khi die tric arm costing pound sterling 30000 plus vs pound 1000 for cosmetic limb . Too early to decide … Let the child Gris up and we see . Z thAnkfjl to God otherwise for his bounty and mercy. …. So thank The Lord for what you got… Only some fingers missing … We met this Nigerian girl aged 7 T the clinic with both hands missing from the elbows !!!!

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