Adrian’s story

Fourteen years ago I had a little girl named Adrian. She was born with severe amniotic banding. I didn’t find out anything was going to be wrong with her until 42 weeks into the pregnancy. I was 19 at the time and very afraid. It was the hardest part of my life.

The doctor told me that she would not live after birth but she did live for 6 weeks. She lived her short life in a nursing home and was treated like a little angel. Yes, they were a little afraid of her at first due to most of the bands being on her face. The hospital had never seen a child like her before. I did not know how to react or if I even wanted to see her. Eventually I did ( 3 days later) but they covered her “bad parts” on her face so I could just see the good side of her face. Just recently I have received pictures of her and seen what she looked like completely. She truly is an angel in every aspect of the word. She died 6 weeks after being born. She was and is a learning experience for me. I love and miss her dearly.