Angelique’s Story

14 Years ago today 4-28-00 I lost my daughter Angelique to ABS. I went in for my 20 week App and once they started look at that baby they noticed some thing was wrong ; they rushed me to do an emergency ultrasound. The doctor explained to me that she wasn’t going to make it full term that the band cut across her belly and all her major organs were out,it also damaged one leg and hand.

At that moment my life felt like it was over how could this be what can I do is my baby in pain.  That same night the doctors induced my labor told me that I was the one keep her alive and that once she came out she would have already passed away .( please understand my decision for inducing my labor if i was would have kept my daughter full term the band would have broken her body in two)   At lest having her would have given me a chance to hold her.

Holding my daughters dead tiny body gave me the worst pain I’ve felt knowing that just a couples hour ago she was alive and then coming face to face with the fact that I was going to bury my first child. It is something that will live with me for ever

Thank for letting me share my story and thank for given people a way to vent it has been 14 years and till this day I still feel the pain of losing her.