Baby boy Robert,

Baby boy Robert was born March 29th 1982. I was 17 yrs old and my high school sweetheart was 19 yrs old, we moved to Chicago to start our lives. We were so young and in love, several months later I became pregnant. We were so happy because this was a planned pregnancy.

I did everything right to prepare myself for my new baby. I read books and I ate right. I went to the finest private doctor we could find. Every month my doctor checked my baby’s heartbeat, he said it was strong and fast. He promised everything was fine.

When I was seven months along we moved back to my home state, for
insurance reasons. We got another private doctor who setup my first ultrasound. The day of the ultrasound the look I saw on the doctors faces was astonishing it scared me. The doctors said baby was in breach position and they coundn’t find his head.

They set me up to take the baby by c-section, but my water broke before that day arrived. When the water broke I noticed large thick bands coming out of me. When I got to the hospital they put me under to perform my c-section. When I awoke my husband was standing over me crying. Our baby boy had deformalties on the left side of his body, all could have been fixed with surgeries, all except the hole in his brain.

Unfortunatly in 1982 my doctors had no idea what caused this or they maybe could have been prepared to put a metal plate in my baby’s head as soon as he was born. They ran genetic testing on me and my husband and came up with no answers. They told me our baby would eventually die it was just a matter of time. Our baby boy passed away two weeks later on Easter Sunday. I miss him everyday of my life. The doctors told me I must have taken a fall sometime during my pregnancy to cause my amniotic sac to rupture, they also told me it should have caused me to miscarry. I had never heard of ABS before. I did go on to have two more beautiful children, but I was terrified of this happening again.

I have never heard of this happening to anybody else before, until the other day I came across this website. I thought it was just me that this had happened to. I have never researched this before because I never really knew what happened. I started reading stories, I thought it was just because it was so long ago, that if it happened today that doctors would be able to stop this from happening. In my case I have gone all these years not knowing what happened. I have never been able to share my story with anybody I thought would understand until now thanks for listening.