Baby Ferguson’s Story

I was just at 4 months gestation when they were unable to locate the heartbeat of our baby. The doctor had said the baby had died two weeks prior. We were devastated, to say the least. I had already had one miscarriage and couldn’t bear the thought of losing another baby. They were unable to determine why I miscarried the first time because I wasn’t that far along. This time after giving birth to our baby boy (we had not agreed on a name, so that is why this story is titled Baby Ferguson) they sent the fetus to pathology to determine what had happened. When I went for my follow up appointment the doctor had informed me that it was ABS that caused the demise of our little one.

The first set of bands, which were wrapped around the ring and pinky finger were obviously not life threatening but the second set of bands were. They were wrapped around the umbilical cord. My doctor informed me that this was a very rare condition and he’s only seen two cases in the span of his career and the chances of it happening again are very low. Even though we are still grieving our loss and I seem to question God’s will sometimes, we have hope for the future of trying to conceive again since this is a rare condition. I just get so mad at times because if the second set of bands weren’t wrapped around the umbilical cord I might’ve still had a chance of delivering our baby full term. Regardless of the fact that it would have been born without a couple of fingers we would’ve loved him just the same. But, I guess God had other plans for him. We like to believe he is our guardian angel watching over us everyday!

Thank you for allowing us to share our story.
Jay & Leysa