Braeden Scott’s Story

We found out in March that we would be expecting a baby on December 7, 2004. We had had a previous miscarriage, and this was an answer to our prayers. We had a relatively normal pregnancy. At the 18 week ultrasound the technician had found a cardio foci, but it was determined that it was completely benign. After that little scare, we were sure everything would be all right.

On December 3 (just 4 days until our due date) we were scheduled for a routine doctor appointment. As the day went on, I did not feel the baby move and I began to panic that something was wrong. This was all confirmed at the doctor’s office. They put the Doppler up to my stomach to listen for the baby’s heartbeat and there was not one. They sent us immediately to the hospital, where they confirmed with an ultrasound that the baby was gone. I would have to be induced, and deliver our son.

After what is sure to be the longest night of our lives we delivered little Braeden Scott at 10:20 am on December 4 , 2004. He was 7 lb. 6 oz., 21 inches long, and absolutely beautiful! He was perfect in every way. The amniotic band had wrapped and knotted around his umbilical cord. We were able to hold him and say good-bye, memories that we cherish forever.

We search very hard to find peace with the Lord’s decision, but find comfort in knowing that our son is now an angel to watch over us.

“Until we meet again, let God hold you in the palm of his hands” – Irish Prayer

Brian & Kristin