Ellie’s Story

In 1998 I found out I was expecting my first baby full of excitement and worries all was well until that day of my scan. Laid on the bed having my tummy scanned was when we knew something was wrong when the midwife left the room and came back with the consultant, it was then we were told the bad news that our baby had no chance of survival.

Due to amniotic bands my baby’s bowel was outside of her body and the abdomen wall had not formed along with parts of her brain been exposed we then had to make the heart breaking decision to terminate the pregnancy at 19 weeks. They induced my labour and my little girl was born, They brought her in wrapped in a blanket she looked so perfect with 10 little fingers and 10 little toes, they did her hand and foot prints for us to keep. I have gone on to have 2 other healthy children and I’m expecting our third but I will never forget the baby that was taken from me.