Gracie’s Story

I found out in November, three days before my husbands birthday, that I was pregnant with out first child. Scared and excited we began to plan on how to tell our parents that their first grandchild was on the way.

During the first several weeks of pregnancy everything seemed “normal”. I was sick in the mornings and hungry every second of the day. I began to have some cramping around 10/12 weeks, but was told it was gas related and normal. We had our 10 week ultrasound and was told everything appeared as it should. Around 16 weeks I went in for my maternal blood screening, a week later we received the call that changed our lives forever. The doctor informed me our baby could have Downs Syndrome. I cried all night long and went to my OB’s office the next day with my husband. After our ultrasound the doctor came in and told us the news was not good. We were sent directly to a specialist and had a level 2 ultrasound done. It was then we heard the three words that we will never forget. Amniotic Band Syndrome.

Our baby’s case was “devastating” according to the doctor. The chance for survival was non-existent. Our choice was to terminate the pregnancy. At 18 weeks I lost my baby girl Gracie to Amniotic Band Syndrome. No reason was given and, to this day, I don’t understand why this happened to us. The doctor’s explanation was bad luck and a fluke. Our little girl had abdominal wall defect, club foot, and malformations of both legs. We had her cremated and took her ashes home with us a few days after the surgery. I have a footprint card that I will cherish forever. I’ve been told that this problem is not genetic and should not happen again. We are currently trying for a second child, Gracie will always be our first. We will never forget her and know that she is our little angle watching over us always.