Isabelle’s Story

I had a “normal” pregnancy, but it wasn’t very eventful. I never felt pregnant, and I wasn’t getting much of a bump either. I worried constantly about miscarrying, like any expecting mother would. When I reached the second trimester, I thought I was in the clear. When I was 17 wks pregnant, I took a recommended AFP test, to test of any abnormalities(ie downs syndrome). A week later, I received a call from my doctor telling me that my test was showing high levels, and I needed to see a specialist. I had to wait a week to get in, which was the longest week of my life at the time. We went in thinking it was nothing, considering a lot of those tests come back with false positives…we were just excited to find out the sex of the baby. When I sat down with the doctor for an ultrasound, my husband by my side, the doctor jokingly said that my baby was bad test taker. I thought things were looking up for me…I wasn’t worried about anything, until the doctor read my test results. He told me that it didn’t look good. With that, I started balling. He told me that the test I took, a normal reading would be a 1 or below, and my levels were reading a 7. He started the ultrasound, and his fears were correct. He diagnosed my child with Anencephaly…I didn’t know what that meant, but I automatically thought that I was going to have a “special needs child” and I was happy with that, until he told that my baby wasn’t going to survive. All I remember was crying my eyes out. He asked if we wanted to know what the baby was, and we agreed. It was a little girl.

I battled with my doctors and myself, but my husband and I decided to induce a couple of weeks later, and our little girl was born July 11, 2007. Right after she was born, the doctor told me that Isabelle didn’t have Anencephaly, but a rare case of amniotic band syndrome (ABS) where a piece of the amniotic sac torn and floated around the amniotic fluid, and unfortunately wrapped itself around my little girls head (the back of it where the brain would have been) and made the perfect amputation. It usually affects limbs or fingers…rarely the head. My little girl was born still and weight 7.5 oz, and was 9 inches long. I was 21 weeks and 3 days when I had my little angel. I miss her so much.

Kimberly and Salvador