Jacob’s story

On the 1st of March 2013 my husband and I were excited about our gender scan. When they started scanning me the lady went quiet and stern faced. She excused herself and left the room, which I felt was strange. She returned and held my hand and said “I’m very sorry to tell you but your baby has no heartbeat.” My heart was shattered. I couldn’t believe it.

We headed straight to the hospital into a private room. The doctor informed us that because I was 18 weeks gone I would have to deliver as normal, inducing my labor with pills. Two days later on Sunday 3rd March Jacob was born weighing 142g he was tiny and looked perfect although he was born sleeping.

Two months went by until his results came. Jacob had Amniotic Band Syndrome. I had never had heard of this condition until they explained. Cysts were present on the placenta as well as bands being around the umbilical cord, which caused Jacob to pass away. To receive a result put me at peace but still I said why me? 1 in 1200 pregnancies and it happened to MY baby, I was utterly devastated.

My worry is would it effect my future babies and they said its very unlikely, as i writing this i am 7 weeks pregnant and very nervous and scared. So far everything is looking normal but it did with Jacob until 18 weeks so until i get passed 20 weeks i wont be completely at ease.

Losing my son was the worst thing i have ever been threw. I will never forget him.

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  1. I feel your pain I just recently lost my daughter to amniotic band syndrome we were told the exact same thing at my 20 week appointment my angel had no heartbeat no one had an explanation as every test and ultrasound i had was completly normal on Feb 9th 2016 at only 18 weeks gestation my angel was born she was my first born and I also suffer with fear of conceiving my next child and am also sadden as to how rare ABS is and how unknown it is thank u for sharing your story and I pray that your pregnancy goes exactly as planned and know that your fears are normal and will hopefully soon be at ease

  2. I am terribly sorry for you loss as I know exactly how you feel……I lost my daughter to amniotic band, in my case the band was wrapped around her right foot as well as the umbilical cord. I too was 18 weeks and had to deliver her as normal, this was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to deal with and my heart broke in a million pieces. I pray that your pregnancy goes well and you deliver a healthy baby.

  3. I am so sorry for your loss. We also lost a baby to Amniotic band and it was a horrible experience. In her case the bands stuck to her scull making it not grow. She was still alive till delivery but unviable for life outside of the womb due to her scull not being formed.
    My point though, is not to share more sad stories but to tell you that I went on to have two healthy boys with zero complications. Best of luck to you and your baby and I am sure you will be fine!

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