Taryn’s ABS Story

When I was 18 years old I found out I was pregnant and due on December 25th 2008, I was of course young but really excited at the same time.. the father of the baby who I am now married to was very supportive. All my check ups were perfect everything was going well! When I was 17 weeks pregnant we were down by the beach and saw a RV that was doing free ultrasounds (to find out if you were pregnant) I saw they weren’t busy and asked if they could tell what gender the baby was because I just couldn’t wait for my 20 week check up! So they did I found out I was having a boy and I was sooo excited!! The weird part is the woman that did the ultrasound was very persistent on saying a prayer with us and I didn’t get that and was a little turned off by it but we prayed anyways!

Then on my 20 week check up when we went into the ultrasound the nurse that was doing it, her eyes just became huge. She printed pictures and said she needed to go show the doctor real quick, the second she walked out I started crying! I was thinking this is what you see in the movies! Sure enough the doctor came back in and told me the baby wasn’t developing correctly and has no heart beat.. that he had died.

Of course they didn’t know why at my doctors office they were telling me its some genetic problem blah blah. I had to have a D&E a dilation and evacuation, which I will not go into details about but I had to carry the baby for a whole week until the procedure could be done because they only did it on Fridays. I had the option of cremation or donating to science I donated to science hoping whatever happened could help babies in the future.

I got the autopsy back, the baby had one digit on his left hand and one digit on his left toe, that’s where the amniotic bands attached, and finally it was around the umbilical cord which demised the pregnancy at 19 weeks. I have never gone through anything like that in my entire life. I did have a healthy baby girl and I am now pregnant again. But I will never forget my son I know he is watching over his little sister, I think about it a lot and still cry about it and nobody I talk to really understands that pain so I’ve always felt like I had to hide my feelings about it.. I come to this site all the time and read the stories I know people have gone through much more than I have but it feels nice to know someone knows the same feeling I do.

Thank you for letting me share my story!