Robohand – 3D Printing Mechanical Hand for Amniotic Band Syndrome

What Is A Robohand?

Richard Van As, a master carpenter in Johannesburg, South Africa, lost four fingers on his right hand in a work accident. Richard collaborated with Ivan Owen the maker of mechanical prop hands to create the Robohand.

“A Robohand is a set of mechanical fingers that open and close to grasp things based on the motion of the wrist. When the wrist folds and contracts, the cables attaching the fingers to the base structure cause the fingers to curl. Nearly all the parts of a Robohand are 3D printed on MakerBot Replicator 2 Desktop 3D printers.”

Robohand Plans

The design and instructions for Robohand are available on Thingverse (a website for sharing digital designs). The plans are open source, you can download them for free. People around the world can download, customize, print, and assemble Robohands for themselves or for others.

Robohand Links:

One thought on “Robohand – 3D Printing Mechanical Hand for Amniotic Band Syndrome

  1. I have a grandson that has ABS. He could use a robohand , how do I go about getting him one

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