All Grown Up

My son, Anthony, was born 2/9/1995 with ABS that had cut off growth of some of his toes on both feet. He has only nubs of toes (with no bone) for a big toe on one foot but the other foot he has a big toe. Both feet have middle toes that were wrapped with bands that caused toes to either not form at all or only somewhat.

The amazing thing is, the day he was born, the doctors held him up by his fingers and let his feet touch the table and held him to walk.

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My story

I’m 12, I’ve lived with amniotic band Syndrome all my life. I found out that it was called ABS about two years ago. I live in the uk, Wolverhampton and every-time I wanted a prophetic or needed an operation or I had a ache in that area, I always hand to go to Birmingham. The uk never knew about what to do. Birmingham was the place where I learned to tie my laces, I leaned how to write properly, I saw other people with disabilities,

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Losing Wallace

In November of 2017 my husband and I welcomed a beautiful and healthy baby girl into the world. We were delighted when we learned I was pregnant again in January of 2019. My pregnancy was unremarkable but uncomfortable. We learned that the baby was a boy around 12 weeks and named him Wallace Rainer, after 2 of our favorite poets. I started having strong and frequent Braxton Hicks contractions around 25 weeks that were disorienting but harmless. My 20 week sonogram showed a happy,

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My son Maleek

My son was born August 22, 2011 with ABS. I was diagnose with the condition at 4 months. He is missing his fingers and left foot also on his right foot his big toe is missing and the rest of his toes is deformed.

My son is 8 years old now. He asks me now why is he missing his left foot and I have both of mine. I try my best to explain to him, but I also start to cry and ask why did this happen to him.

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ABS on babies toes

My beautiful baby girl was born with ABS on her three middle toes. She gave us quite a fright as I went to hospital for the 4th time with reduced movements. It was noticed that her heart rate was like she was in labour but I could feel no contractions.

The hospital decided that I should be induced as with the heart rate and episodes of reduced movement plus my previous history of a premature baby it would be better to get her out.

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Amniotic Band Rupture Sequence

At 19 years old, falling pregnant is the last thing you really ever think is ever going to happen. With being so young and having to interpret that your about to bring a beautiful baby into the world within just a not so far away 9 months, complications within the pregnancy definitely never crosses your mind. I feel as though awareness and information about these situations that happen within pregnancies aren’t recognised enough or educated enough.

Finding out I was pregnant at an early 4 weeks,

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Jayden’s story

This is my daughter Jayden’s birth story. She was born on July 4th 2012. Her original due date was August 10th.

My doctors discovered that she had two bands wrapping around her, one around her right arm and another around her left ankle. I had to go in for an emergency c-section. If I would have waited and had Jayden full term she would have lost her right arm and her left foot. Jayden had to spend 22 days in Detroit children’s hospital in the NICU.

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God Knows Best

I was born in 1955 In Birmingham, Alabama. I grew up up with four fingers malformed and never new that I had anything wrong with my hand. I played every sport I could play football, basketball, baseball, wrestling without ever feeling held back by my hand. I was left handed so that solved some problems such as writing and throwing a ball.

In the teenager years I was embarrassed at times for people to see my hand and did get some looks when I would shake hands being a gentleman or when accepting a congratulatory handshake.

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My Story

In 1957, when I was born, my parents were told that I was crippled, a bad seed, that I would never walk and probably have brain damage. They were told to put me in a home and forget about me. Why? Because I was born with 2 fingers on my left hand, 4 toes on my left foot (which was also clubbed) and my right foot is just a stub with a small toe on it.

My parents did just the opposite!

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ABS found early – To Amnio or Not to Amnio?

As I write this, my fingers seem to work, but my brain is having trouble processing how we got to this point. I am 34 years old and this is my first pregnancy – a result of an IUI after naturally trying unsuccessfully for a year. As all parents who yearn for a child, we were beside ourselves with happiness.

Since IUI was our method of conceiving, we had weekly 2D ultrasounds. All was going well with normal heart beat, normal growth,

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