cleft palate

Blessings for Bryce

I gave birth to my son Bryce 13 days ago not aware of abs one bit. All the doctors could see on ultrasound was that his left leg was swollen. No bands could be seen.

All four of his limbs were affected, his left side being the least affected. On his left hand, all four of his fingers are fused together and his thumb is left out but it is noticeable that the band was wrapped around that as well because there is an indention.

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Ana’s ABS Story

Ana was born on May 28th, 1996 with Amniotic Band Syndrome.

Ana was also born with a cleft palate. Her feet have never been diagnosed, but she is missing a knuckle in her pinky toes, along with being VERY flat footed which causes her to walk oddly.

I am so happy to have found your site!! When Ana was born we felt like there was no information out there, plus ABS is kind of rare, so we never met anyone that had experienced ABS.

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Azalea’s ABS Story

Hello, 9 months ago I became a mother to a beautiful daughter name Azalea. She was born with ABS which resulted in cleft lip/palate and right eye missing globe. I have been researching every web site that have been available and still cannot believe how a lot of woman as myself and lately others have not been informed about this syndrome in every parent magazine they inform us about all other disorders except this one. I find that I have been educating women that I encounter about my baby’s defect and they are as shocked as I.

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Ciara’s ABS Story

Hi, my daughter Ciara Diane was born on Aug. 4 1995 with Amniotic Band Syndrome that effected only her face.  She was born with a Tessier 5 Cleft lip and palate.  She has had 13 surgeries and is due for plenty more.  Most of her surgeries were done at Loma Linda Hospital in Cali, but we moved 4 yrs ago and she is now seen at Shriners in Ohio. Although, Shriners has not yet done a surgery, I am very excited on their approach to it all. 

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Miranda’s ABS Story

February 16th is a day that will always be remembered clearly to me. That was the first day I would hear the term, “Amniotic Band Syndrome”.


I was a mother of two when I got pregnant with Miranda, and even though my boyfriend and I had no desire to have another baby, one was coming and we had to prepare. I called the ob/gyn and made an appointment to start my prenatal care. I was put on the schedule to come in the following week.

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