Phato’s story

Newborn baby with bilateral clubfeet - missing fingers and toes caused by amniotic band syndrome

During my pregnancy, I started to see a Gynaecologist when I was two months pregnant. Everything was fine. I was five months pregnant when my Gynaecologist told me that there was something unclear on a scan. I never thought there was anything to worry about but he referred me to another Gynaecologist. I went there and that was when I was told that my baby had Clubfeet.  The Gynaecologist said, “a rare Clubfeet, I’ve never seen this type of a Clubfeet before”.

All sorts of things and questions came into my mind,

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Sergio’s ABS story

My son Sergio  was born 06/20/2000 with ABS syndrome.  At the time that he was born I had never heard of this  condition.

Sergio was born with all his fingers but 3  fingers where webbed and short on his right hand and on his left hand his middle and index finger webbed together he also had a clubfoot and toes on his feet are little nubs.  He had 3 constructive surgeries from 9 months to 1 1/2 years of age.

I remember the nurse in the nursery telling me when I was leaving with my newborn baby “don’t ever let any one tell him he can’t do anything”. 

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Daniel’s ABS Story

Our Son Daniel was born on 27.05.2010 with ABS which we were totally unaware of until he was born. My pregnancy was straight forward and Daniel was born two weeks early. Daniel has an older brother who was not affected by ABS.

All four of Daniels limbs were affected with the least being his left foot which has an extra bobble of skin attached to his second toe. The four fingers on his right hand are fused together although his thumb is fine.

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Alysa’s ABS Story

Alysa was diagnosed with clubfeet during our first ultrasound. When she was born we discovered she also had ABS. It caused her to lose all the toes on one foot, two on the other and part of 3 of her fingers (including half of one of her thumbs). We even noticed after having surgery to release her Achilles Tendons (for her club feet) that there was a mark above her ankle on one side- and soon discovered it was from a band that had broken,

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Gift’s ABS Story

Her name is Gift. Stella, Gift’s Mum, says: “Immediately after she was born, we saw this little girl as a Gift from God.” Gift is three. Her foot is severely turned in as a club foot, and is already hard and roughly scarred. The fingers on one hand are almost gone, on the other they are deformed. Above Gift’s right knee, the flesh is constricted, as if pulled tight by a rubber band. Tell tale Amniotic Band syndrome. When you see Gift bravely walk on the stump of her foot,

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Isabella’s ABS Story

Hi my name is Loureen. I have a son who is seven years old and a daughter named Isabella who was born at 32 weeks at 4 lbs on July 4, 2002 with ABS. During my pregnancy I had twice the normal amount of prenatal appointments and several ultrasounds as I was considered to be high risk; my son had been born at 28 weeks for no apperant reason.

When I was 20 weeks I decided to have a video ultrasound done through a private ultrasound tech just as a had done previously with my son.

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Kaitlyn’s ABS Story

Kaitlyn was born amputated fingers on her left hand and her first three toes on her right foot. She had a constriction band around her right wrist and her left leg. Also, she has clubfoot on her right foot. The fingers and toes that was amputated was grown together. We have had the fingers separated and the constriction bands removed. We have been thru the casts and braces for two years to fix the clubfoot and still go to Children’s in Little Rock.

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Kaleb’s ABS Story

Kaleb Patrick Hinkle was born on January 17th, 2003 in Miamisburg, Ohio. Kaleb was diagnosed with Amniotic Band Syndrome when he was three days old. Kaleb has several defects. Both of Kaleb’s feet are severely clubbed, he is missing his pointer and middle finger on the right hand, his ring finger is very constricted on his right hand as well. His left hand is also affected. He has a very small thumb that has only one joint and his ring and pinky fingers were fused together by the bones.

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Mikhalas’ ABS Story

When I was five months pregnant, I went in for a routine ultrasound. At that time, I was told that I was going to have a girl and that she had clubfoot. I was totally devastated at the news, but I knew that it could be fixed.

On March 23, 2007, I went in to have a scheduled c-section. At 7:49 am, my beautiful daughter was born. All I remember is jokingly asking if she had ten fingers and ten toes,

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Miranda’s ABS Story

February 16th is a day that will always be remembered clearly to me. That was the first day I would hear the term, “Amniotic Band Syndrome”.


I was a mother of two when I got pregnant with Miranda, and even though my boyfriend and I had no desire to have another baby, one was coming and we had to prepare. I called the ob/gyn and made an appointment to start my prenatal care. I was put on the schedule to come in the following week.

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