Nathanael’s ABS Story

Nathanael was born on April 12, 1997 in Hong Kong at Prince of Wales Hospital.. At birth he presented with several issues, some of which were a missing right big toe and partial remaining toes; right club foot; intestines on the outside of his body and syndactly of his hands on both sides except his left thumb.

He lived at Prince of Wales until 14 months of age–an initial hand surgery and his clubfoot and abdominal repair surgeries were done then (the abdominal surgery was done at 1 day of age).

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Cindy’s ABS Story

My name is Cindy, I was born in July of 1971. I am 37 years old now.

I was born with severe congenital birth defects to my left hand and legs caused from Amniotic Band Syndrome.

When I was born my mother was told that there were issues; the doctor actually unwrapped a black string like object from around my fingers on my left hand in front of her. The string came out from between the center two fingers which were webbed together with a nubbin protruding atop one finger.

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Jeanine’s ABS Story

Hello, my name is Jeanine and I was born in 1983 with Amniotic Band Syndrome. ABS affected four fingers on my left hand, my left arm above the elbow and my right leg was about an inch shorter and clubbed.

I had my first surgery in June of 1986. By the age of 2 after 13 surgeries my parents started to loose count, and I have had many more since then. The fingers on my left hand were webbed but I had surgery to separate them.

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Jessica’s ABS Story

My name is Jessica and I was born in 1984 with amniotic band syndrome. It affected both of my hands and feet and I also have club foot. I’ve had a total of about 6 surgeries between my hands and my feet. All were done within the first few years of my life. My index and middle fingers on my right hand were webbed together and separated in one of the surgeries. I have quite a bit of scaring.

As far as my hands go,

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John’s ABS Story

When I was 5 months pregnant, my water broke and I was ordered to have bed-rest. I stayed in the hospital and finally gave birth to Johnnie. He was three months premature, weighing 2.2 pounds and he was affected by amniotic band syndrome (ABS). His right leg was missing the tibia and had an S shaped fibula. His left leg had many bands around the leg and foot. The right leg was broken and it was a clubbed foot. It was l976 and I tried to find any kind of support group to get some help in dealing with Johnnie’s deformities.

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Kaye’s ABS Story

I was born in 1979 with Amniotic Band Syndrome. There was a band around my left leg just above my knee. I was born with a club foot and extremely diminished feeling. On my right foot my first three toes were affected. Both of my hands were also affected. I have my thumb and index fingers on both hands. The rest of my fingers grew together. Sort of like a duck’s webs.

I’ve had about fourteen surgeries. You lose track after a while.

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Kirsty’s ABS Story

Hi, my name is Kirsty & I was born with ABS 10th November 1975 in Christchurch, New Zealand.

I have scarring on my left index finger & missing the fingernail on my left middle finger. On my right hand, I have scarring on the index finger, & the middle finger is only up to the first knuckle with scarring. The next finger is completely missing & the little finger is up the first knuckle with a little bulbous mound.

I was born with a club foot on my left leg,

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Patsy’s ABS Story

I was born in 1965 with ABS. I have a missing ring finger & band around the middle finger of my left hand. On my right hand all four fingers were fused but my thumb was unaffected.

Both of my feet were clubbed. The right foot did not need surgery but my big toe was missing & the next 2 toes were stunted & webbed. My left leg needed lots of Surgery to correct & I have 2 bands one around my ankle &

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Holly’s ABS Story

My daughter, Holly, was born in 2000 with Amniotic Band Syndrome and clubfoot. Here is our story….

My water broke in the 32nd week of pregnancy, but I did not go into labor. I was placed on bed rest at the hospital and was given a steroid to help her lungs develop quickly in case I did go into labor. My doctor decided to induce labor in the 34th week to prevent the risk of infection to Holly. I only had one sonogram two days before labor was induced,

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Our ABS Story

BIRTH – January 1993
I had wanted to get pregnant for a few years and had been on fertility medication prior to conceiving. I was very sick throughout the pregnancy but extremely happy. I would dance (as well as my bulging body would allow) and sing “Whoa-oa-oa! I feel good, do-be-do-be-do-do, I knew that I would, now….So good, so good, I got you.” Although I read the “What to Expect…” series and we went to pre-natal classes we weren’t prepared – I didn’t even have my bag packed!

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