Marisa’s ABS story

Hello! My name is Marisa, and I was born 15 years ago with ABS. I am missing my left hand, and my left forearm is about 2 inches shorter than my other arm. You can actually see where the bands were wrapped around my elbow – apparently it was pretty tight.

I have been a prosthesis wearer since the age of 5 months old. I had myoelectric until I was about 10, but I only charged it about twice a month so it was pretty much useless.

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Max’s ABS Story

Hi I am the Aunt of this beautiful baby boy named Max. My sister had him on June 25, 2011. She found out that he was missing an arm from the elbow down when she was six months pregnant. Being a first time aunt I was devastated, and being a nurse and very into nutrition I blamed it on what she ate, which I now know was completely wrong. I stumbled upon this site trying to research if this same thing happens often.

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Andrew David’s ABS Story

Andrew David is 9 months old and he was born missing his right hand and forearm from below his elbow joint. I found out when I was having an ultrasound for the first time there was a possibility that my baby boy might not have a right hand. They sent me to a maternal fetal doctor in Wichita Kansas and it was then I found out my son was in fact missing his arm from the bottom of his elbow down. They told me it was really good that he had a elbow joint.

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Kerrie’s ABS Story

Kerrie was born on October 5, 1996 in Seoul, Republic of Korea and she became our daughter when we traveled to Korea in April 1997 to bring her home–she was 6 months old when she became a part of our family.

She is missing a portion of her left arm–she has a few inches below her left elbow on down and that’s it.. We were told by doctors here in the USA that it was due to ABS. But she has never let that stop her!!

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Luis Otávio’s ABS Story

Luis Otávio was born on the 17th of October 2007. When I was five month pregnant I found out after doing an ultrasound that our “little prince” did not have part of his left arm (below elbow) and hand.

I could not believe that what I had just heard was about my son! My first thoughts were about anger and wanting to find an answer for what I have done to deserve this! It was month after month crying and trying to understand why!

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