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Kai’s story- Fetal surgery at 19 weeks

In Burmese the name Kai means “unbreakable.” This is a definitely a story about a little baby boy that refused to submit to defeat. He truly is unbreakable.

The Beginning of Our Whirlwind Journey

My husband Rory and I went into the Millcreek Imaging Center to get the ultrasound of all ultrasounds, the one which reveals if you are having a boy or girl. We were so excited to finally find out what we were having. For pretty much the entire pregnancy I had a feeling it was a boy.

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Conner’s Story

My youngest son Conner was a twin and I had many complications during my pregnancy. At 15 wks. gestation I found out that one of my babies had passed on due to a rare syndrome found in 1:35,000 twin pregnancies;it is called TRAP syndrome. It is classified as twin to twin transfusion. Conner was the pump twin pumping all of the blood for both himself and his twin.

As time went on I began to have access fluid inside the placenta which was a sign of Conner becoming very stressed at around 21 wks.

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Thomas’ Success Story

Thomas was born at 32 1/2 weeks on October 19, 2002 (Due 12-09-02) 3 lbs 15 1/2 oz ; 16 1/2 inches long. Thomas is a healthy boy today because of modern medicine. If he was conceived only a few years ago he would not have survived.

He was an identical triplet, but his brothers were conjoined twins. The twins had no chance of survival, but were threatening the third baby’s life. As a result we made the tough decision to have surgery in San Fransisco that would stop the sharing of blood through Twin Twin Transfusion and save Thomas.

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