Fern’s story

Close up picture of fingers affected by Amniotic Band Syndrome

My name is Fern Graham I am 17 years old and I was born with Amniotic Band Syndrome. When I was born I had a short middle finger on my right hand also the finger beside (ring finger) has a fused knuckle. I had a tiny wee strand of skin joining my middle finger to my ring finger that the doctor snipped. I have noticed now that I’m older I have bands round my leg that aren’t very noticeable unless you are looking in the right light.

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Blessings for Bryce

I gave birth to my son Bryce 13 days ago not aware of abs one bit. All the doctors could see on ultrasound was that his left leg was swollen. No bands could be seen.

All four of his limbs were affected, his left side being the least affected. On his left hand, all four of his fingers are fused together and his thumb is left out but it is noticeable that the band was wrapped around that as well because there is an indention.

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My Father

Hello my name is Heather Page I am 32 years old. My father was born in 1944 with only one hand. For many years we were told it was a birth defect and that he lived a normal life. No answer were given nor name given of the birth defect until years down the road when we heard the term ABS.

Growing up my father was made fun of and picked on. He grew up in Texas and when he was old enough he applied for the military and was denied due to the fact he was handicapped.

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Colton’s story

This story is about my little boy, Colton.  When I was 20 weeks pregnant, my doctor wanted to do a sonogram because I was having problems with my blood pressure.  The sonogram showed something was wrong with one of Colton’s hands. Because I had a brother that was born with webbed fingers, we thought that was what we was wrong with Colton. We had another sonogram done at 36 weeks and nothing had changed, my doctor had still not said anything about amniotic band syndrome. 

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Sergio’s ABS story

My son Sergio  was born 06/20/2000 with ABS syndrome.  At the time that he was born I had never heard of this  condition.

Sergio was born with all his fingers but 3  fingers where webbed and short on his right hand and on his left hand his middle and index finger webbed together he also had a clubfoot and toes on his feet are little nubs.  He had 3 constructive surgeries from 9 months to 1 1/2 years of age.

I remember the nurse in the nursery telling me when I was leaving with my newborn baby “don’t ever let any one tell him he can’t do anything”. 

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Abby’s story

Hi! My name is Abby and I’m 13 years old. I was born with ABS on my left hand and my right foot. On my left hand, my index finger is a little nub. The rest of my fingers are full, but the skin looks kind of weird. It isn’t too noticeable. On my right foot, my big toe is a nub. The rest of my toes are perfectly fine.

My mom always tells me that when she found out I had ABS,

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Daniel’s ABS Story

Our Son Daniel was born on 27.05.2010 with ABS which we were totally unaware of until he was born. My pregnancy was straight forward and Daniel was born two weeks early. Daniel has an older brother who was not affected by ABS.

All four of Daniels limbs were affected with the least being his left foot which has an extra bobble of skin attached to his second toe. The four fingers on his right hand are fused together although his thumb is fine.

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Nikolas’s ABS Story

My son Nikolas was born on April 12th of 2011. When I was 35 weeks pregnant I went for my weekly check up and from their sent to the hospital. They said that Nikolas quit growing. From their I was placed on monitors 2 to 3 times a week and had weekly sonograms done to make sure Nikolas was getting a good supply of blood. They said my placenta looked “aged” and he would need to be delivered at 37 weeks or I would risk the chance of having a still birth.

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Lawrence’s ABS story

Lawrence was born on July 23, 2010 without left forearm and hand. After we came to himself, after I began to accept the idea, I looked to see what happened. None of our families do not show any abnormality of this kind, more than two brothers Lawrence has perfectly healthy. So what happened to our little boy hands hold?

After 10 scans including 4D and morpho-fetal physicians have noticed that is missing a big part of hands hold almost all were conducted in private practice of Dr.

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Marisa’s ABS story

Hello! My name is Marisa, and I was born 15 years ago with ABS. I am missing my left hand, and my left forearm is about 2 inches shorter than my other arm. You can actually see where the bands were wrapped around my elbow – apparently it was pretty tight.

I have been a prosthesis wearer since the age of 5 months old. I had myoelectric until I was about 10, but I only charged it about twice a month so it was pretty much useless.

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