leaking amniotic fluid

Erricka’s ABS story

I’m turning 40 years old on October 9th of this year. Two weeks ago, I found out, for the first time, why I was born with one hand. Up until then, I was raised to answer the inevitable question, “What happened to your arm?” by saying, “I was born like that.” For my parents and I, this simply meant that the answer was, “I don’t know.”

In 1972, pregnant women didn’t receive sonograms. About 2 weeks before I was born, my Mom noticed that she was leaking fluid.

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Andrew’s ABS Story

My name is Julie-anne and with permission from my 10 year old son named Andrew I am here to share our story.

When I first found out that I was pregnant I was so excited and couldn’t wait to share the news with my family and friends. I didn’t know if I was having a boy or girl it really didn’t matter as long as my baby was well and healthy. I went for an ultrasound at 12 weeks and the doctor said that the baby looked good and that I was healthy.

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