Blessings for Bryce

I gave birth to my son Bryce 13 days ago not aware of abs one bit. All the doctors could see on ultrasound was that his left leg was swollen. No bands could be seen.

All four of his limbs were affected, his left side being the least affected. On his left hand, all four of his fingers are fused together and his thumb is left out but it is noticeable that the band was wrapped around that as well because there is an indention.

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Kayla’s ABS Story

On October 28th in 1996, a little girl was born, 6 lbs. 12 oz. She was beautiful, thick, black, curly hair, with rosy red cheeks! My name is Kayla Ashley Turner, and this is the story of my life. I don’t have an ordinary life; I was born “special”.

I was born with ABS (Amniotic Band Syndrome). Amniotic Band Syndrome is when the fetus becomes tangled in fibrous string-like bands in the womb, restricting blood flow which affects the baby’s development.

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Jeremy’s ABS Story

The Pushing Life of Jeremy Duong

I’m Jeremy, a son, middle child of one older brother and one younger sister. I was born with “amniotic band syndrome.” They actually gave my mom a choice to abort me or continue the pregnancy, so my mom continued but she went through so much to have me. Being stuck with amniotic band syndrome that forever I had surgery 5 times and my leg amputated it was a struggle for me.

For example,

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Lamar Xavier Dunn

On August 2, 2008 at 11:47pm my son, Lamar was born premature at 32 weeks at 4lbs 4ozs. My first words to my son was ‘He is so hairy’, I saw nothing and felt nothing else but happiness. The very next day when I awoke in the hospital I replayed the eight months of my pregnancy. I felt lost and had lots of questions that I could not answer. It finally hit me that my son is an amputee, Lamar was born with Amniotic Band Syndrome.

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De’Vante’s ABS Story

14 months ago on October 20,2009 I gave birth to my little bundle of joy, De’Vante. He was born with ABS which caused him 2 have a below the knee amputation in urtero on his left leg. On top of that, he was also born with fused fingers and toes on his left hand and right foot.

Before I had my first ultrasound, I had never heard anything about ABS…and I would have never dreamed it could happen to my child because I was so careful during my pregnancy.

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Dionne’s ABS Story


Dionne was born on March 9th 2000, after a very complicated pregnancy, I was 20 years old expecting my first child, My baby was due on the 25th of May 2000. At 20 wks gestation I experienced headaches and numbness this started 2 months into my pregnancy with other symptoms severe backache the passing of water and I became violently ill, this continued for the rest of my pregnancy but my ob/gyn were not concerned. I attended the early pregnancy assessment unit because I was bleeding 3 months into pregnancy no obvious cause for bleeding they insisted my baby girl was fine.

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Gift’s ABS Story

Her name is Gift. Stella, Gift’s Mum, says: “Immediately after she was born, we saw this little girl as a Gift from God.” Gift is three. Her foot is severely turned in as a club foot, and is already hard and roughly scarred. The fingers on one hand are almost gone, on the other they are deformed. Above Gift’s right knee, the flesh is constricted, as if pulled tight by a rubber band. Tell tale Amniotic Band syndrome. When you see Gift bravely walk on the stump of her foot,

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Mikhalas’ ABS Story

When I was five months pregnant, I went in for a routine ultrasound. At that time, I was told that I was going to have a girl and that she had clubfoot. I was totally devastated at the news, but I knew that it could be fixed.

On March 23, 2007, I went in to have a scheduled c-section. At 7:49 am, my beautiful daughter was born. All I remember is jokingly asking if she had ten fingers and ten toes,

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Jamie’s ABS Story

Hello. I am so glad my fiance found this site. I am nearly 21 years old and I have never met anyone with any deformities like mine. It is so easy to feel like an outsider with deformities such as mine, and I was very interested to be able to read other people’s stories. Here is a brief caption of my story:

I as born on December 31, 1984. I was the first child in my family and the only born with these deformities.

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John’s ABS Story

When I was 5 months pregnant, my water broke and I was ordered to have bed-rest. I stayed in the hospital and finally gave birth to Johnnie. He was three months premature, weighing 2.2 pounds and he was affected by amniotic band syndrome (ABS). His right leg was missing the tibia and had an S shaped fibula. His left leg had many bands around the leg and foot. The right leg was broken and it was a clubbed foot. It was l976 and I tried to find any kind of support group to get some help in dealing with Johnnie’s deformities.

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