Brooke Elizabeth’s Story

I had never heard of ABS until May 18th, 2005. When my 6th child was affected by it on her left hand. She has all five fingers but they look like they did when I was 2mths pregnant just as they start to bud.

I started spotting when I was 2mths pregnant and off and on for about three weeks I spotted it felt as if I was cramping for my menstrual cycle then it stopped and I carried her almost to my due date which was June 1st.

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Haylee’s ABS Story

I was a high risk pregnancy because I was only 4 foot 8 inches tall but beside that my pregnancy was normal. I had a very healthy pregnancy and was very happy to be pregnant again with my second child. I had many visits to the doctors office and many ultra sounds and never once did we notice the amniotic band.

I went in for my Dr. visit 5 days before my scheduled C-section. The Dr. said I was dilated 2 centimeters and sent me to the hospital to have Haylee that night.

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Luken’s ABS Story

My son Luken Edward was born on May 28th 2008 in Anniston, Alabama, he was missing the lower part of his left arm. It stops just below the elbow, he has little nubbins where his fingers may have started to grow before he was born.

The doctors told us they thought it was due to amniotic band syndrome, I had never heard of it before that. They were not sure it was because of ABS though. On all of the ultrasounds it was not seen,

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Madison’s ABS Story

Madison was born Jan. 2005. We were unaware of her condition until she was born. And, like so many other families, we had no idea what caused this. The Dr’s at the hospital didn’t even have a clue.

It wasn’t until our daughter was four months old that we would learn that it was called Amniotic Band Syndrome.  It happened to be on the front page of a newspaper in Jersey, where I have family. A young 18 year old boy had the exact same thing as our daughter!

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Ross’s ABS Story

I’m 47 years old and just learned about ABS. My right arm matches the description of one of the potential outcomes of the syndrome, as I was born with a below-elbow amputation and have the characteristic “nubbins” (I dislike the word) on the end of my limb. As a youngster, I was told that umbilical cord ‘strangulation’ of the limb was possibly the cause of my deformity. The ABS explanation strikes me as more plausible.

I was first fitted for a prosthesis when I was 14 months old,

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