Sarah’s ABS Story

I’m Sarah, 14 years ago, on the 1st of May, I was born in Sydney Australia. Amniotic Band Syndrome has cause for me to lose most of my forearm. From what my mother has told me, about 26 weeks into the pregnancy, I was diagnosed with ABS. When I was born, my mum and dad had many scares for what I would have to face during my lifetime, For example, how to ride a bike?

Since I have remembered, I was raised to respond with “I was born like that.” If I ever got asked “What happened to your arm?”,

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Julie’s Experience with ABS

“Miss Julie, your arm looks frozen. Is it dead?” a five year old dancer once asked me. She had every reason to wonder.Tinted gray from dirt and daily wear, my hand never moves. The fingers are sometimes bent in abnormal ways, and after a long day of dancing, the smell is not so pleasant. But, no one had ever called it frozen before. I found such a description humorous, and in a way, pretty accurate. Throughout my whole life my arm has raised brows and prompted questions.

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Marisa’s ABS story

Hello! My name is Marisa, and I was born 15 years ago with ABS. I am missing my left hand, and my left forearm is about 2 inches shorter than my other arm. You can actually see where the bands were wrapped around my elbow – apparently it was pretty tight.

I have been a prosthesis wearer since the age of 5 months old. I had myoelectric until I was about 10, but I only charged it about twice a month so it was pretty much useless.

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Maria’s ABS Story

Hi! My name is Maria, and I am 15 years old and from New Orleans, Louisiana. I have three older brothers, so that means that I am the princess of my family. When I was in my mom’s womb, the doctors thought that I was only covering up my toes, so they did
not have any speculation as to why they were not there. When I was born, they realized that my toes were in fact not there, and my fingers were constricted.

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Jeremy’s ABS Story

The Pushing Life of Jeremy Duong

I’m Jeremy, a son, middle child of one older brother and one younger sister. I was born with “amniotic band syndrome.” They actually gave my mom a choice to abort me or continue the pregnancy, so my mom continued but she went through so much to have me. Being stuck with amniotic band syndrome that forever I had surgery 5 times and my leg amputated it was a struggle for me.

For example,

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Lamar Xavier Dunn

On August 2, 2008 at 11:47pm my son, Lamar was born premature at 32 weeks at 4lbs 4ozs. My first words to my son was ‘He is so hairy’, I saw nothing and felt nothing else but happiness. The very next day when I awoke in the hospital I replayed the eight months of my pregnancy. I felt lost and had lots of questions that I could not answer. It finally hit me that my son is an amputee, Lamar was born with Amniotic Band Syndrome.

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De’Vante’s ABS Story

14 months ago on October 20,2009 I gave birth to my little bundle of joy, De’Vante. He was born with ABS which caused him 2 have a below the knee amputation in urtero on his left leg. On top of that, he was also born with fused fingers and toes on his left hand and right foot.

Before I had my first ultrasound, I had never heard anything about ABS…and I would have never dreamed it could happen to my child because I was so careful during my pregnancy.

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Ross’s ABS Story

I’m 47 years old and just learned about ABS. My right arm matches the description of one of the potential outcomes of the syndrome, as I was born with a below-elbow amputation and have the characteristic “nubbins” (I dislike the word) on the end of my limb. As a youngster, I was told that umbilical cord ‘strangulation’ of the limb was possibly the cause of my deformity. The ABS explanation strikes me as more plausible.

I was first fitted for a prosthesis when I was 14 months old,

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