Syndactyly – is the most common congenital hand deformity, in which two or more fingers are webbed or fused together. “In the womb, the new hand starts out in the shape of a paddle, then splits into separate fingers. Sometimes the fingers don’t split apart enough, and webbed fingers result: syndactyly.”

Blessings for Bryce

I gave birth to my son Bryce 13 days ago not aware of abs one bit. All the doctors could see on ultrasound was that his left leg was swollen. No bands could be seen.

All four of his limbs were affected, his left side being the least affected. On his left hand, all four of his fingers are fused together and his thumb is left out but it is noticeable that the band was wrapped around that as well because there is an indention.

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Sergio’s ABS story

My son Sergio  was born 06/20/2000 with ABS syndrome.  At the time that he was born I had never heard of this  condition.

Sergio was born with all his fingers but 3  fingers where webbed and short on his right hand and on his left hand his middle and index finger webbed together he also had a clubfoot and toes on his feet are little nubs.  He had 3 constructive surgeries from 9 months to 1 1/2 years of age.

I remember the nurse in the nursery telling me when I was leaving with my newborn baby “don’t ever let any one tell him he can’t do anything”. 

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Daniel’s ABS Story

Our Son Daniel was born on 27.05.2010 with ABS which we were totally unaware of until he was born. My pregnancy was straight forward and Daniel was born two weeks early. Daniel has an older brother who was not affected by ABS.

All four of Daniels limbs were affected with the least being his left foot which has an extra bobble of skin attached to his second toe. The four fingers on his right hand are fused together although his thumb is fine.

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De’Vante’s ABS Story

14 months ago on October 20,2009 I gave birth to my little bundle of joy, De’Vante. He was born with ABS which caused him 2 have a below the knee amputation in urtero on his left leg. On top of that, he was also born with fused fingers and toes on his left hand and right foot.

Before I had my first ultrasound, I had never heard anything about ABS…and I would have never dreamed it could happen to my child because I was so careful during my pregnancy.

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Austyn’s ABS Story

My daughter Austyn was born March 1, 2002. She was born with ABS affecting her left hand, leg and foot. Her hand had a separate thumb but all four fingers fused together and on top of one another. She had a DEEP band above her left ankle at birth. It was open and to the bone. Scary stuff!! On her left foot, her toes next to the big toe were joined at the tip. I had a very eventful pregnancy and worked up until the week she was born.

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Bryant’s ABS Story

I am a mother of a 15 year old who was born in June of 1991. My husband was stationed in Scweinfurt Germany. Our pregnancy was very normal. I felt great. I have asthma and had to take prednisone throughout my pregnancy to breathe. Back then the ultra sounds were not as good as they are today. The army only authorized one at 4 months. I was very happy to see the heart and everything seeming normal. And maybe it was then but When he was born he had amniotic band syndrome on his left hand and left foot.

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Caitlin’s ABS Story

The day I found I was pregnant for the third time (two previous miscarriages) I was scared, excited, HAPPY. My husband and I are what you would call high school sweethearts, married young. After the first two pregnancies, this one was unexpected. My pregnancy was really uneventful, with the exception of the last 4 months. I kept feeling sudden movements, then none. I would be so sick, my stomach kept feeling tight, tight, however I was told numerous times nothing was wrong. Every appointment my husband and I held our breaths waiting to hear a heartbeat,

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Holly’s ABS Story

Hello, my name is Alice. I live in the UK and I am the young Mum of Holly…

We first found out about Holly having ABS, a few hours after she was born on the 30th June 2007. My midwives had never heard of it.. We did not expect anything and nothing had appeared on the scans. It was a total shock. We were sent to our nearest hospital a few hours later (because I had Holly at home)and basically when we got there that’s all that they said really.

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Kaleb’s ABS Story

Kaleb Patrick Hinkle was born on January 17th, 2003 in Miamisburg, Ohio. Kaleb was diagnosed with Amniotic Band Syndrome when he was three days old. Kaleb has several defects. Both of Kaleb’s feet are severely clubbed, he is missing his pointer and middle finger on the right hand, his ring finger is very constricted on his right hand as well. His left hand is also affected. He has a very small thumb that has only one joint and his ring and pinky fingers were fused together by the bones.

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Madalynn’s ABS Story

Madalynn’s Birth:

Madalynn was born on May 13th, 2002 with Amniotic Band Syndrome affecting her hands. I had a very hard pregnancy and I was so afraid when I went into labor 2 months early. When Madalynn was born I wasn’t even able to hold her. They simply said, “there is something wrong with her hands we need to take her to the N.I.C.U.” I wasn’t even sure if she was breathing ok or anything – they just took my little angel away!

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